GTA Vice City Cheat Codes Free Download [Complete List 2017]

By | June 8, 2017


GTA Vice City Cheat codes a complete list you can download from the link below to your PC to get thousands & even millions of resources such as Cars, Health, get rid of Police, Compete Missions quickly & much more in the GTA game free of cost without doing everything manually. Just roam around, hit, kill & smash others & get more health & keep it UP.

GTA Vice City is the most renowned & Played PC High-Quality game that is a favorite game of millions of users across the world. I used to play this game on my PC/Windows when I was under 10 years. I loved it too much but the only negative thing there was is that I had no such cheat codes I could use to get thousands of resources such as Helicopter, Moter bike & other things in the game free but instead, I used to do everything manually which spent me a lot of my time.

Now, in the post blow, I’m going to share with you the Vice City Cheat Codes you can use on this game free of cost to enjoy the game smoothly, get free health, free money/cash, make blasting, complete missions quickly, change clothes, get cars, get Helicopter & much more free of cost.

Some of the cheat codes for GTA Vice City Game Are Below:

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  • THUGSTOOLS – All Level1 Weapons – Package
  • PROFESSIONALTOOLS – All Level2 Weapons – Package
  • NUTTERTOOLS – All Level3 Weapons – Package
  • ASPIRINE – Full Health – Package
  • PRECIOUSPROTECTION – Full Armor Package
  • FANNYMAGNET – Ladies Magnet (women follow you 🙂
  • YOUWONTTAKEMEALIVE – Higher Wanted Level – More Police
  • LEAVEMEALONE – No Wanted Level – No More Police
  • ICANTTAKEITANYMORE – Commit Suicide – You will Like it

Cheat Codes Download:

We have compiled these cheat codes in the Notepad .txt format so you can easily download the complete list & all cheat codes file from the link below to your PC.



Download Here

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