How To Download & Add IDM Extension To Chrome Browser?

By | May 16, 2017

One of very terrible issue with IDM or Internet Download Manager is it sometimes not working with Chrome Browser & the reason is that the IDM extension which is called IDMGCEXT.crx or IDM Chrome Module becomes corrupt when it’s updated or registered with any wrong registration key.

If you have the same issue with your PC & browser & IDM download bar isn’t working on any website or on entire chrome browser then in the same post, we are going how you can fix it & what is an alternative to downloading files from chrome without the IDMGCEXT.crx chrome extension being installed.


How To Download The Extension:

In our recent published post, we have discussed the same topic & have shared to an extension but here we want to expand & explain the issue in more details. For you to download the IDM extension for chrome, please visit our web page here to download the file & also a video tutorial for that specific tutorial has already been given.

How To Add IDM Extension In Chrome?

With every IDM setup package, you will get its complete data such as its required files along with IDMGCEX.crx extension which is added to the browsers you are currently using on your PC but still in some cases, the IDM chrome extension is not added to the browser by default. So, point out the below steps to add IDM extension to chrome.

  1. Go to the IDM root folder where you have installed it.
  2. Find this “IDMGCEXt.crx” file there.
  3. Finally, drag & drop the file to the Chrome extension page (Usually Here: chrome://extensions/.

Hope the above method did work for you. Still didn’t work? Doesn’t matter. All you have to do is follow this another trick.

Alternative Solution #1:

  • Download the extension from our website & unzip it.
  • Go to the Chrome Extension page.
  • Enable “Developer Mode“.
  • Click on “Load Unpacked Extension” and select the extension folder you just downloaded & extracted from our site.
  • Now, the extension is successfully installed in your Chrome browser.

Please Watch out below video tutorial:

Hope this method will also work for you.

Download Files From Without IDM Chrome Extension:

Alternate Solution #2:

If none of the above methods worked for you then I would highly suggest commenting below so that I can give you more details & advice on what you should do to fix your issue. Still, you can download files using IDM software without installing its extension to chrome & here you will learn how to do it quickly.

  • Go to any software downloading site such as
  • Copy the download link from there & then open IDM software.
  • Now, click on Add URL option in Chrome & paste the URL there & hit the download button.
  • The file downloading will start soon.

The same trick you can do with youtube & facebook videos too to download them using IDM if the IDM download panel is not showing there. (If you want to know this trick, comment below & I will share with you all).

Hope this alternate method will work.

Please comment below if you have any kind of issue regarding IDM software. I will be happy to join the discussion below.

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