10 Must Have Windows Softwares You Should Be Using In 2017

By | June 22, 2017

A computer is a vast World in which we dive for Learning, Earning & Enjoying our time. If you have Windows Operating System then you might find this post helpful as in this post, I’ll be sharing with you 10 must have Windows Softwares that you should be & must use in the 2017 Year to complete your PC tasks more efficiently & increase your Computer Experience.

These Softwares are not required & important for personal use but it can help you in your Work & also it depends on you.

10 Must Have Windows Softwares

There are different kinds of Softwares we’re sharing below so you can choose the best one for your needs & download it right for free.

must-have-windows-softwares-20171. Internet Browser – One of The Must Have Softwares

No matter what you are thinking but after installing & finishing Windows to your PC, you will definitely need an Internet Browser for your PC because it’s very difficult for you to use & manage the Windows by default Internet Explorer as it’s too boring & slows down the System as well as Internet Explorer comes in old version in Windows & what’s why some of the sites such as Facebook & others do not support old versions of Internet Explorer.

The better Internet Browsers you can use on Your Windows are listed below.

  1. Google Chrome Browser – Recommend you over all others [ Download Software ]
  2. Mozilla Firefox – If you’re not satisfied with Chrome then Mozilla Would be the best  [ Download Software ]
  3. Opera Web Browser – this can also be the best choice if you do not want to use the above one  [ Download Software ]
  4. UC Web Browser [ Download Software ]
  5. There are more browsers as well so look for the one that fulfills your need

2. Microsoft Security Essentials

A security software for PC is really important & on some occasions, without a Security software, you can break your windows entirely & can lost very important data. Once you have installed Web browser on your PC & enabled the Internet, you should quickly download a Security software for your PC.

The best Security Software I suggest you is Microsoft Security Essentials which is the best Windows Security Software & is very powerful & popular in securing Personal Computers.

Download Microsoft Security Essentials

3. VLC Media Player

Keeping a video Player installed on Windows is also very important. The by default Windows Media Player is already packed & installed with the Windows setup but it doesn’t look responsive, useful & powerful so you will need to Download & Install VLC Media Player software which is free & open-source.

VLC Media Player comes first when talking about Media Players because it supports hundreds of Media formats & has hundreds of features which make it standalone PC Software for Media Playing.

4. WinRAR or 7-Zip

Compressing, Zipping/UnZipping & Extracting software on PC is also very important because major sites compress large files into .zip & .rar formats which can only be used when extracted using WinRAR or 7-Zip or Files Extracting Software.

This helps you not only extract compressed files you download from the internet especially from SoftQuack.com & other sites but also lets you compress your own large files into small size files.

Download WinRAR Software

5. Skype – The Best Video Chatting Software

Whether you want to chat with your family & friends or chat with your clients live on the internet & talk with them more comfort then Skype is going to be the best Windows Software for you. Another positive thing with Skype is that it has Screen Sharing option available which allows you to see another connected users’ screen right on Skype & has a landline calling feature available which makes it easier for you to call any other users’ local mobile number. Credit is required for this.

Skype Full Download

6. Microsoft Office – Complete Office Solution

MS or Microsoft Office is the best solution for Office related work. In MS Office Software, there are many child Softwares such as MS Word, MS Excel & MS Powerpoint ETC that makes your Office & Homework easier because you can easily & effortlessly create & write documents, you can easily make presentations & can easily calculate any mathematics problems.

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7: PDF Reader – The Simplest PDF Reader Software

PDF Reader software is very important & required if you read ebooks on your PC. We have shared here the best & simplest lightweight PDF Reader Software which you can download & use for free.

8. Internet Download Manager – IDM

For any type of Internet Downloading, you’ll be needing the fastest & powerful Downloader. We can suggest you IDM or Internet Download Manager which is the most powerful & advanced Windows Downloader that downloads large files from the internet at the fastest speed ever with pause & resume services.

Even though IDM is a Paid software but if you don’t want to use IDM then you can also Use Ninja Download Manager Pro Software.

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9. TeraCopy – Files Copier Windows Software

If your work is to copy & transfer large files to a different location either on the Same PC or to another external Drive then the only Files Transferer & Copier software you need is TeraCopy which is a freemium software.

TeraCopy 2017 Full Version Free Download

10. Advanced SystemCare – The Best PC Performance Improving Software

Advanced SystemCare Pro is the best PC Performance improving software with hundreds of useful features such as you can boost up your PC memory when it captures more memory, you can delete useless data from your PC, you can keep your PC & Windows healthier and you can do a lot more with ASC Pro software.

Advanced SystemCare Pro Software Free Download

I hope this list helped you. If you have any question please let me know in the Comments below & I’ll happily be reading each comment.

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