InPage 2004 Full Setup Free Download For PC

By | June 30, 2017

InPage 2014 full setup with many new & useful features you can download to your PC from the secured download server below for free. There are several features & options that were added recently to the software & which you are going to get benefit from free of cost.

The inPage software is the standard & the only solution to Urdu writing & Urdu Publishing task as it’s almost used in every PC & in every corner of the world where Urdu is written. Almost all Urdu writers, Urdu designers that design Banners & other stuff in Urdu & Journalists that publish books in Urdu use InPage software for their job to be done effortlessly & quickly as there are hundreds of options available in the Software.

InPage is one of the courses in IT(Information Technology) that is taught in every institution in Pakistan as well as in other Countries. It’s one of the most important software for PC users especially in Pakistan as Urdu is the Pakistan’s national language & almost every paper of institutions & Courts are written in Urdu so That’s why InPage is considered as the best Urdu Software in the World Ever.

InPage 2014 Features

The following are some of the InPage software features that you will love to know.

  • It’s considered as one of the best Urdu Publishing PC Software.
  • It’s the only suite for those who’s task it to write in Urdu on PC & make different things in Urdu.
  • With a bunch of hundreds of video tutorials & guides, InPage can be easily learned & used everywhere.
  • The InPage 2014 Urdu Scripts & Urdu texts can be copied, pasted & used in 3rd party Softwares such as Photoshop, Corel Draw, MS Office 2007 & others.
  • You can export the InPage document as .jpg, png or other image formats as well.
  • ETC

Download Software:

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